Elm offers morning, afternoon and full day programs for children aged 30 months - 5 years. This multi-age classroom is a typical Montessori and Reggio model that allows and promotes mentorship, community and social development skills. The mentorship program encourages younger children to learn from the older students, and supports the older students' confidence and their education through reinforcement.


Our program schedule and times for Preschool and Junior Kindergarten are as follows:

Preschool times for mornings, afternoons and full day



9h00 – 12h00


13h00 - 16h00

Full day:

9h00 - 16h00





Email the school to indicate your interest in joining the school

Once received, you will be contacted to schedule a visit for you and your child

Come in for a meet and greet and tour the facility.

To secure a spot you

need to pay the

Registration Fee and provide me with a undated 

Security Deposit cheque




Any 2 sessions per week am or pm:   

Monthly fee                        $255                                    

Any 3 sessions per week am or pm:

Monthly fee                        $355

Any 4 sessions per week am or pm:

Monthly fee                        $455

Any 5 sessions per week am or pm:

Monthly fee                        $540

Any 6 sessions per week am or pm:

Monthly fee                        $640


Registration Fee

This is a yearly non-refundable $100 registration fee that is payable via cheque, cash or E-transfer upon submission of your application form.  

Security Deposit

The security tuition is a non-dated tuition cheque that will be used as your June tuition or if you withdraw before March 31as payment for your notice month.  If you give notice of your withdrawal after March 31 you will lose this deposit. 

Failure to Pay

NSF cheques are subject to a $50.00 service charge. If two failed payments are received, alternate payment will be required.


One month’s written notice is required should you wish to withdraw your child. If you withdraw before the end of March your security deposit will cover your notice month’s tuition.