Grace, courtesy and good manners

  • Nurture the love of learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity

  • Create environment where children are accepted, respected and feel secure

  • Function in a group and promote an awareness and respect for the school environment

  • Create opportunities for the children to think creatively, explore, and discover in nature and in the classroom

  • Promote the physical development, sportsmanship, mental well being, health and good nutrition for each child everyday


Importance of family and community

Social and environmental responsibility

Self-motivated, self-paced learning

Valuing our diversity

Respect for ourselves and the world


  • Inspire curiosity, independence and life long love of learning  

  • Help our children become contributing members of our community and the world who value global well being

  • Develop a future generation of leaders who approach their life challenges with integrity, resiliency and compassion


To provide nourishment for young children’s imaginations, physical challenges for their bodies and a natural, loving environment for their hearts


Elm offers a unique blend of Nature-based, Montessori and Reggio inspired curriculum that not only meets the developmental need but also the social and emotional skills to thrive in school.  Our curriculum is enhanced with an outdoor nature-based educational and play program, teaching children about the natural world around them. Outdoor play is a natural way for children to do physical activity, burning energy through active play. At Elm we believe in a middle path to preschool education where children receive language and literacy development, develop concept and math skills. Science in the Montessori class includes basic principles of astronomy, botany, chemistry, physics, and zoology. necessary to succeed in kindergarten.

To offer an outstanding program that will develop each student's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development